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Have you done a deep dive on the internet about the "curly girl method"? If so - this box is for you. Let us give you the steps for flawless natural curls. Curls are delicate and arguable the most high maintenance when it comes to using the correct products. You need moisture to prevent frizz, and hold so you don't fall flat.

Don't be fooled by their names - SMOOTH.WASH and SMOOTH.RINSE aren't meant only for smooth hair, they are meant to smooth out the hair cuticle of any texture type. Nourishing oils and butters like Monoi and Murumuru help retain essential moisture and add all over softness.

Listen carefully! RE.STORE can be a tricky one to get the hang of - but life changing when you know how to use it.

This product replaces both shampoo and conditioner on the days you decide to use it. It is a moisturizing cleansing 2-in-1 product that puts head and shoulders to shame! It's conditioner like consistency won't suds up in the shower - but don't worry. That doesn't mean it isnt working. It is gently removing unwanted oils without stripping your hair of the healthy natural oil. Use this on days where you dont necessarily need a wash, but need a pick me up.

UN.TANGLED is a cult classic. This is your moisture in a bottle. Coat hair liberally when wet to add hydration sent from the gods. Also acts as a detangler and heat protector.

Next its your choice (don't worry, we're here to help!) This next product will be your HOLDING element for curls. Choose KILLER.CURLS if you have coarse hair that can support a heavy product. KILLER.WAVES is for you if you have a finer curl and need a little more lift.

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