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This package includes:

  • Olaplaex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo
  • Olaplaex No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner

The perfectly curated package for our platinum blondes, heavily balayaged or foiled cuties. We know you like that bright bright and you don't want to see no brass! Trust us when we say these products will be your ride or die for that absolutely stunning color to last on and on.

MAXI.WASH - the product that everyone needs, but nobody has. ESPECIALLY for our blondes. Imagine the ultimate deep detox and cleanse for your hair. This product removes all yucky buildup. (but don't worry, NOT your toner!) Did you know cigarette smoke, car exhaust, product buildup, oils, and general toxins in our environment get trapped in your hair dulling your color out. MAXI.WASH removes all that bullsh*t. Believe us when we say your hair will look the brightest and blondest the day you detox. Use this product 1-2 times a month and follow with your regular and conditioner.

Olaplex 4 Shampoo and Olaplaex 5 Conditioner are packed with their patented technology that keeps the hair STRONG. Every time you use this product, you add a bond repairing element into your hair that prevents chemical and mechanical damage.

Even professional purple shampoos can be dry and damaging to the hair and leave it dull and mangey. BLONDE.ANGEL TREATMENT swoops in a saves the day by providing you with a nourishing and hydrating treatment that will bust brass and add shine. HOORAY

STAYING.ALIVE is magic water. Periodt. This product adds silk proteins, Vitamin C and E to moisture to your hair while feeling like the most weightless product ever. Smells incredibly fresh, and acts as a hair deodedrizer. Spray in your hair wet or dry, before bed, after yoga or the gym, or before a date. Honestly - anytime! Use it often. It's the ultimate repairing treatment for blondes.

Your choice now. You a cool till you die blonde? Or looking for a sunshine sparkle? Both Shimmer sprays contain Babassu Oil - rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids to nourish and moisturise the hair while boosting shine. SHIMMER.ME BLONDE contains flecks of purple mica to reflect cool tones, where as SHIMMER.SHINE has golden mica to give you sun kissed hue.

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